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landscape services
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Landscaping FAQs in San Diego, CA

Is Priceless Services Inc. too big to provide personal assistance?
No, president, Dan Kassel meets personally with all clients to assist with ideas and concerns to ensure you will be totally comfortable with our landscape services.

Do you need plans?
No, we have done many projects without the use of plans. However, in order to provide excellent communication with a client, we will itemize all work to be done in a contract.

Do you provide plans?
Smaller jobs, yes but usually we work with registered landscape architects or landscape designers to provide exactly what the customer wants, and ensure the work to be done fits into the customers budget.

Do you install artificial grass?
Yes, we install artificial grass. This is an important part of landscape projects as the need to conserve water continues to increase. Artificial grass has become very popular as an earth friendly landscape idea and it looks good too.

Do you charge for an estimate?
No, we do not charge for an estimate. We will meet with a client and provide a breakdown of costs for work to be done.

Do you have references?
Yes, upon request we can get you a number of clients we have worked with in the past.

Do you cover all of San Diego County?
Yes, we service all of San Diego County and Temecula, from the border to the ocean to the desert.

Do you use contracts?
Yes, we abide by all state laws and license board requirements.

What is your minimum charge for maintenance?
We are not set on any amount, but we prefer not to contract for less than 3 men for 1 hour per week.

Do you do backyard renovations?
Yes, our C-27 and B license allows us to provide landscape maintenance and construction services, as well as, general contracting services.

Do you start a job and then leave to work on another project?
No, once we start a job we do not leave the project until it is completed.

How do I know the work will be completed by a licensed contractor?
We are licensed by the state of California, #383088 and this can be found out at the California License Board.

Do you carry the necessary General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance?
Yes, our General Liability Insurance number is LCPKG0146400 with up to 2 million in liability and our workers comp insurance number is 7600001074091.

How much experience do you have?
President, Dan Kassel has had the same contractor’s license #383088 since 1979 and has complete knowledge of the landscape and construction industry.

What kind of work have you done in the past?
We have provided our customers with complete backyard renovations, concrete of all types, BBQs, loggia, decks, outdoor kitchens, all types of outdoor lighting, ponds, waterfalls, cabanas and of course planting and irrigation. We are capable of doing just about anything outdoors.